Ebbetts Pass Veteran's Memorial District

Calaveras County, California

Ebbetts Pass Veteran's Memorial District

POB 175 Murphys CA 95247 US

Email:  EPVMD95247@gmail.com

The crew from Ironstone Winery hard at work building the new section of the memorial in May of 2014

If you would like to purchase a  brick for the memorial wall, please email the District Secretary at EPVMD95247@gmail.com   Bricks are generally ordered and installed on the wall twice a year, right before Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, so get your order in early to be included in the next installation

If you have a question about purchasinga brick to honor someone or have a question for the Ebbetts Pass Veteran's Memorial District you can contact them by writing to EPVMD, P.O. Box 175, Murphys, CA   95247, or sending an email to:  EPVMD95247@gmail.com.

The board members of the EPVMD participate in local parades to raise awareness of the veterans.